Start at Walmer train station, and head out the back end, not out the front of the station. Turn left towards Ellens Road and turn right, heading towards Mongeham. When you reach the crossroads (approx. 200 yards down the road) turn left and head towards Coldblow. Take the footpath out of Coldblow and head towards Ripple. Go passed the Plough public house and walk through the village hall grounds, which are sign posted. Take the footpath through to the otherside and out towards Sutton Vale caravan park. Head towards Studdal, and then on to Ashley. Take the footpath down towards the A256, heading towards the farm. Take the road bridge over the A256, and then back track towards the High & Dry public house. On the left is a sign pointing to the Historic Church of Waldershare. Take this path. Visit the church and then keep going towards Waldershare park and it's magnificent buildings. Keep to the White Cliffs Country trailing heading westwards towards Shepherdswell. At the crossroads, go straight across, down the road and on the left (approx 20 yards) is the connecting path. Follow this passed the sheep and horses and goats. When you reach Shepherdswell, you'll be at the back end of the splendid church. Go up the path until you reach the green and the Bell public house is in front.

1. 10 mins into walk and we were in Fab countryside with tractors on hillside

2. Difficulties crossing field from Ripple to Sutton

3. Belt issue

4. Going to Sutton and thought SOD it lets head toward Ashley

5. Pissed Archie O'Nut

6. Lavatorial stop

7. Drink stop

8. Waldershare stop

9. Plenty of berries

10. COWS.... Nah... Big angry BULLS

11. Backtrack to road


13. SIbotswold... hoorah

14. PUB...... Boobs behind bar

15. Massive dumpings on SP's behalf

16. No vege food

17. Sunning ourselves with a squirrel

18. Mate that can make cars

19. 3 beers later... arhitecural voyeurs visited

20. Australian walker NDW

21. Bird with boobs and glasses

22. Fab food

23. Bird with boobs again

24. Australian walker again

25. Fine pair of chimney's on the Bell End

26. Walk to station... very lardy

27. Station with polish and farts

28. Station with duoor dia something (funny at the time)

29. DOVER - Oh dear..... Eight Bells

Walmer to Woolage Green