Start at Walmer train station and head west down Ellens Road, heading toward Mongeham. At Mongeham head through to the Church, and turn right through churchyard, you'll see the footpath heads out to farmer's field. Take the left fork of the path when you see it split (near the telegraph pole) and follow this to Northbourne. At Northbourne take the footpath to Finglesham. Find The Crown Inn public house and go past this northwards aling the road. The footpath that you need to take is on the right, it runs alongside a house and when you walk this path it starts to get a bit difficult as it is not  that well maintained.At the end of this path it opens out in to a field that has no discernable path, so head due east, and you should come across a small bridge that crosses over a stream. Go over this and then keep going east until you get to a second bridge. Go over that one too. Eventually, you'll come out on the Deal > Sandwich road. In front of you is the Coach & Horses pub, go passed that and Adelaide cafe, and the disused petrol station.

Head up to Lydden Valley, past puming station and on to White Cliffs Country Trail. Follow this on to Blue Pigeons and then continue to Sandwich. The pub is in the centre.

1. SH started the walk with an almighty belch, after having sardines for breakfast. However, it later transpired that SH had been out the night before at the pub quiz and had a few jars, which were now making their way out !

2. On reaching Northbourne, SH had trouble negotiating the slope down the bank in his new walking boots and nearly went ar*e over t*t ! SP, needless-to-say helped not a jot !

3. Cracking views heading in to Finglesham.

4. Footpath nearly caused SH to fall in stream due to lack of visibility of said path.

5. Lovely refreshing cuppa sitting on the bridge having a welcome break.

6. Blo*dy great big bulls in farm at Hacklinge.

7. Couldn't get in to Lydden Valley for love nor money.

8. No path, when we get in to to Lydden Valley.

9. Pumping station starts up as we peer in to it, as it was on a timer, and scared the sh1t out of us both.

10. Amazing views of the north stream.

11. White Cliffs Country Trail well signposted.

12. Blue plaqued buildings of Sandwich.

13. Fine reals ales in the Red Cow.

14. Lovely fish and chips

15. SP won all games of cribbage, which was a first.

16. Nearly forgot to get off train at Walmer, due to be half cut, after 4 pints midday, midsummer. Blooming hot !!!

Mongeham to Sandwich