Tittering Section

This section of Ourwalks.com is specifically linked to the humour of the team. If you are like minded folk, and enjoy walking in Kent, enjoy real ales, enjoy going to public houses, etc. etc. we suspect that you'll probably have the same sense of humour as us. Therefore, please peruse through the soundbites below from our favourite films, favourite comedy actors, TV series, and so on and so fourth. This section may (IN THE FUTURE) contain our own sketches from some of the various skits that we have accidentally created whilst on our walks.


All soundbites and clips above are courtesy of the creators, the writers, the producers and those that have the copyright. These clips can not be downloaded from us at www.ourwalks.com as we have created the players above to be READ ONLY, not READ/COPY. We believe that the artists whom produced the above clips should get credit for their comical genius and you should pay them not us, if you want to keep a copy.