Start at Shepherdswell train station and head south out of the station grounds along a tree covered path in to a street. At the T-junction, turn left and you'll coming to a main road with a grocer shop on the left and The Bricklayer's Arms pub on the right.

Go across the road and up the hill on the road opposite. On reaching the top, you'll see The Bell pub, go passed this and head toward the church. About 20 yards down, you'll see a small truning on the right, with a speed ramp, and in the corner of this lane in the brambles is the footpath. Take this path and head out across the farmer's fields. Spectacular views from here. Head toward the A2 main road in the distance, some half a mile. Go across the A2 and over the other side to the Lydden road on the hill and go across this in to the woodland opposite. At this point, we must stress that this next woodland has been used as a dumping ground but some extremely undesirable people. It's not at all attractive, but, if you can see passed this, keep going and head out toward Geddinge. The path prior to reaching the road on which  Geddinge Farm can be found is a bit teacherous and is not easy to walk along, Be aware of this, if you've had a drink or two before you attempt this path. Go passed Geddinge Farm and head down the road toward Wootton. You will see a footpath on the left heading underneath the pylons DON'T TAKE THIS. Instead further down the hill as it bends right is a path which has a slight incline, take this. It's a fantastic path. You may come across a field with lots of cows, you do have to go through this, if the cows are there, ignore them, and they'll ignore you, if they are not there, then fair enough. You need to follow the farm track of Hill House Farm, back to the road, and on reaching the junction, turn right and head back to Wootton. Half a mile up you'll see the footpath on the left toward Gatteridge fm, take this. It'll take you through a picturesque woodland, but, then sadly on to a busy A road which you must take to get to Denton. Go straight through Denton and head up to Broome Park. As you reach the Grand entrance of Broome Park with the Eagle'd gates, on the right is a truning and in the corner of that, is the footpath that takes you back uphill to the A2. Go behind the Hotel on the A2, and you'll see the footpath to Woolage, when you exit from the footpath after half a mile, you'll see the green, and you need to turn right, as you go passed the telephone box, you'll see the pub in front. The Two Sawyers is a fantastic pub, with a very large menu and good seating area. Good selection of beers and only a 20 minute walk back to Snowdown train station.

1. SH had dreadful amounts of wind again.

2. SP got us lost again.

3. Long grass after crossing A2, made the walk feel like being in a Vietnam war film. AND is was soaking wet !

4. COWS !!!!

5. SP then started suffering from bad wind.

6. SP started walk with extremely bad morning after, Garlic breath.

7. Bluebell woods.

8. Spectacular Rape Seed yellow fields, which on leaving Woolage Green to Snowdown station were some 5 feet tall.

9. Photo opportunity at the station froma lady, but, she was having none of it.

5. Amazing bluebell wood views (see photo  gallery to the left.

Shepherdswell to Woolage