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From the start it was none too good as SP was still suffering from an almighty hangover from the pub quiz the night before. Anyway as it happened...


1. Walked in wrong direction completely and ended up at The Old Yew Tree at Bafrestone, which we knew quite well from the last Main Walk.

2. Started to drizzle a bit

3. At Three Barrows Down went wrong way, by side or railway tracks and ended up at Snowdown

4. Back on track - finally on North Downs Way

5. Stopped at Barham roundabout to take in the views and saw a million and one pheasants all scrambling about and launching themselves in to the air in a clucking flurry.

6. Coming out the back end of Cold Harbour, saw a huge disused mining pit - which was nice.

7. Walking down the final stretch to Garrington farm (which was amazing to look at) saw some chap in a field on a quad bike with some strange contraption on the back, spreading blue stuff.

8. After lunch, got lost trying to find way through Howletts zoo and made it to the train (by way of running and jumping of a fence) with less than 5 seconds to spare.

Starting at Shepherdswell train station head toward

Woolage Green > Womenswold > Ileden > Bramling Downs

Stop at Littlebourne for Lunch


Littlebourne through Howletts Zoo Park back to Bekesbourne Train Station.


Overall Distance = 13 Km

Overal Time = 4.5 Hours


Difficulty = Medium with a few hard areas