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Protect our Kent

How many times have you been out walking or for a country drive, a bike ride, or horse ride and come across an area of countryside, bridleway, footpath, byway which has been used by some complete ARSEHOLE as a dumping ground ???


This section identifies areas which are frequently used for such purposes, which has been named the activity of 'FLY-TIPPING'. Fly-Tipping is illegal !  It is annoying, dangerous, a nuisance, an eye-sore and there is no possible reason for why it occurs. There are plenty of Council Tips that can be used for the many items which have been dumped.


Now is the time to do something about it ! We at have had enough ! Please use the REPORT A TIPPING e-mail button below to notify us of any areas that you have seen something which has obviously been dumped by someone who has gone out of their way to do so. If you know the vehicle make and model, please advise us of this, if you manage to get the Car Registration, even better, if you know the name of the person or people that have committed this act of mindless abuse of Kent Countryside - wonderful, let us have it. Your details are not needed, unless you wish to claim a monetary reward for successfully managing to identify a culprit and catch them in the act. will then take out appropriate action to ensure that said culprit(s) will never tip again illegally !!!


YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE - save Our Kent from these dickheads !