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This sction is dedicated to the memory of the late but great Jack Hargreaves, a man who had a major influence on me as a child.  Primarily through appearances on his Southern TV shows, Gone Fishing, Out Of Town and HOW!, Jack showed us all a gentle way of life that we are still struggling to achieve to this day.  Some of the Ourwalks team work in the hectic world of Information Technology, and don't hunt, don't shoot, and don't ride, but do fish, brew ale, have guided walks (and plan to do so again), and most importantly, a couple of the team now have rapidly greying beards !  


The mere thought of Jack's uniquely calming voice, describing the intricacies of some ancient rustic craft, has the stress of modern life retreating and blood pressure levels dropping.  It's a sort of therapy really.  Out of Town was usually aired on Sunday's around Supper Time, and it always seemed to make you feel at ease, at home and there was no problems in the world.


Sit back and see how life was in Jack's time.


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Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 - Kingfishers and Model Carts.

Episode 4 -

Episode 5 - Sweetheart Story and Tyring A Cart

Episode 6 - Farm Sale,Fishing In A Gale and Forest Fire.

Episode 7 - Market Day,Minnow Trap and Lobster Boat.

Episode 8 -

Episode 9 -

Episode 10 - Lambing and Mayfly

Episode 11 -

Episode 12 - Rake Maker and Stage Coach

Episode 13 -

Episode 14 - Tidal Mill and Ice Fishing - River Stour & Romney Marsh

Episode 15 - Fly Casting and The Log Splitter

Episode 16 - The Hidden Stream and Deer Shoot.

Episode 17 - The Shooting Master

Episode 18 -

Episode 19 -

Episode 20 -

Episode 21 -

Episode 22 -

Episode 23 - Trammel Nets and The Coach Builder  

Episode 24 -

Episode 25 -

Episode 26 -

Episode 27 -



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