Mongeham to Staple to Mongeham

This is a medium to difficult level bike ride. Allow 4.5 hours in total, going at a moderate pace. Start in Gt. Mongeham and head toward Deal, Turn left down Cherry Lane and turn left again towards Ripple. On reaching the next junction, turn left towards Solley's Farm. On reaching the junction for Solley's turn right and continue on to Ripple. Go passed 'The Plough' pub and at the junction turn left. follow the road round passed the small Shetland ponies (on the left , and Llamas, and at the next junction turn left. Go up the slight inline over the railway bridge and then head up to the Dover > Deal road. On your right is the Windmill. Turn left into Deal and go passed the 30 MPH electronic sign. Go passed the post office. On reaching the Londis corner shop, turn right, heading towards the coast. Follow the road down and when you reach the bottom of this road turn left in to the junction and passed Walmer castle. Cross the road on to the beach and follow the cycle route all the way through Deal, on to Sandwich, via the Toll Road.


To Be Continued...

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