1. Abbey Road NOW album being played in the car, and SH commenting on how good the blues harp player is playing.

2. Walking to Northbourne, SP advises SH of his ailments and new diet, and SH advises SP of his ailments.

3. Mushrooms in Northbourne Churchyard.

4. Idyllic Northbourne.

5. Farmer spraying the field with invisible spray.

6. Lollo Rosso lettuces, ready for the picking.

7. Family with TeePee.

8. The Cloisters with its buttress, which we had no idea what it was used for, as it had no windows and no doors ?

9. The Piscina now at Betteshanger church.

10. SH describing the bridge across the Eastry bypass, as being an awning from someones garden.

11. SH seeing Roger Lister.

12. SH explaining about Roger and his wife Lynn.

13. Roger's wife Lynn then appears with a wheelbarrow. How odd.

14. Blackberry bush on right of the road with battery acid berries, whereas the one on the left had berries of a vanilla / Ribena flavour.

15. Fantastic path to Kittington Farm, old unused road.

16. An air-rifle wealding chap, with his mate who had a pram up a difficult to negotiate path.

17. Birds making lots of noise in the treetops, but, as SP mentions this, they all go quiet.

18. Bi-Plane flies overhead, and SH comments on it being the name of a novel. Bi-planes over Fredville by Perry Scott or his uncle, Archibald Smith.

19. Two countryside wardens/workers smoking a massive spliff in their white van, by the roadside.

20. Lynn was on duty in the Two Sawyers.

21. SH had awful wind, both up and down, on the return leg to Snowdown station.

22. Woman conductor on train couldn't be arsed to sell tickets. SH to follow this up.

Start at Mongeham Church and head North to Northbourne. Following the red brick wall of Northbourne Manor the road bedns to the left towards The Hare and Hounds public house. On the right is a turning that heads to the church, take this, and visit the churchyard. Leave the churchyard from the north through the gates and then turn left down the road. Follow the road and head north towards Eastry. Go across two crossroads towards Updown. Just before reaching Updown, you'll see a footpath that heads towards Betteshanger church. Take this and visit Betteshanger church. After visiting the church, leave the churchyard from the entrance and turn right towards Tilmanstone. You'll nead to leave the trackway and take the diagonal footpath across the field heading towards the Eastry bypass. You'll now be walking through a wooded area, which eventually comes out at a footbridge that goes across the top of the Eastry bypass. Go across this and in to the village of Tilmanstone. Visit the church and take a look at the Yew Tree. This is the oldest Yew Tree in the country and is over 1,000 years old. After leaving the churchyard take the next road on the right and go past the old School. Continue along the avenue of chestnut trees until you each the end, and opposite is a footpath. Take this and go under the power cable pylons. On reaching the  end of this path, after crossing the farmer's field you'll see the stile to the right, take this and follow it diagonally towards Kittington Farm. In front of the farm is the adjoining footpath on the opposite side of the road, take this and head towards Fredville. Follow the road signs to Frogham, and then on to Woolage Green and The Two Sawyers public house.

Mongeham to Woolage Green

Doom Bar Beer The King's Arms Walmer_Woolage