Start in Mongeham, and head towards Northbourne. On reaching Northbourne, head to the church and out the other side towards Betteshanger. Follow the road towards Tilmanstone until reaching Updown. Turn right and head towards Ham. Walk along the road towards Eastry, but, not as far as the Blazing Donkey, just beforeis a turning to the right, heading towards Worth and Sandwich. Take this road and head through to Worth, taking in the sights all around. On reaching the Deal / Sandwich Road, turn left and head towards Sandwich.

Pop in to the Delf shop, and then on to Sandwich, thereafter.

1. SH looking decidely poorly on leaving his car to join SP - after damaging rib muscles from coughing. Poorly pronounced POOLY.

2. Fantastic views on start of walk, heading towards Northbourne.

3. Incredible temperature of the early day sunshine on leaving Northbourne heading towards Betteshanger.

4. Change of route, last minute due to SH's condition.

5. Chap following SP & SH down the Betteshanger > Tilmanstone road coughing, as though it were his last.

6. SP & SH discussing free downloadable software from, as SH wants to learn Macromedia Flash.

7. Farmer in field with a rake, which SP spotted a mile away, to SH's amazement.

8. People lettuce picking behind tractor and trailer at Updown.

9. Damson trees at Updown and SP commenting on how he and his wife had made Damson Jam from the same fruit from the same trees.

10. 3 green woodpeckers in the same field at the same time.

11. Amazing views towards Finglesham from Ham.

12. Horses

13. Donkeys

14. Pigs

15. More Pigs

16. More Horses

17. Swarm of Bees

18. Blo*dy great storm clouds brewing up

19. Delf Farm shop

20. Downpour

21. Gazen Salts

Mongeham to Sandwich

The King's Arms Walk_17_SPSH231009