1. Just passing Northbourne, found a wooded area that had the most fantastic mushrooms, so we picked them, only to find that NP tripped out on them the following day, weren't what we expected !!!

2. Bird feeders in boggy land outside Finglesham, with rickety bridges crossing streams

3. Footpath disappeared in farmers field

4. Enjoying cup of tea by the cross section of 3 streams, when an alarm sounded and automatic pumping station started up, scaring the hell out of us !

5. Bloody Heron !

6. Hundreds of Potatoes in farmers field, enough for a small soup

7. Wandered around Sandwich town twice before decidng on pub to stop at

8. The New Inn was the pub of choice, cheap beer £180 per pint, and typical walkers food ! GOOD PUB !!!

9. Train back, 9 mins long journey, cost £2.10 (HOW MUCH !!!)

10. 22 million games of pool on return leg at the Railway in Walmer

11. Staggered back to Mongeham, NP diving in to every hedgerow for a jimmy riddle every 200 yards.

12. NP then deciding to tak time out to talk to the horses on entering Mongeham.


Train back

Route going

Route back

Start at Mongeham and head to Northbourne

At Northbourne head toward Finglesham

At Finglesham head toward Eastry , and then Felderland, and loop back to Woodnesborough > then on to Marshborough  nd finally on to Sandwich.


Stop for Lunch and Train back to Walmer


At Walmer head back to Mongeham via

Ellens Road.


Overall Distance = 14Km

Overall Time = 5 Hrs


Difficulty = Moderate