Start at Mongeham Church and head North to Northbourne. Following the red brick wall of Northbourne Manor the road bedns to the left towards The Hare and Hounds public house. On the right is a turning that heads to the church, take this, and visit the churchyard. Leave the churchyard from the north through the gates and then turn left down the road. Follow the road and head north towards Eastry. On the left is a well made footpath (concreted) take this and head towads Betteshanger. On reahing the junction, go straight over and down the hill. On reaching the next junction turn left and head towards a FosterCare centre. Before reaching the above mentioned centre, on the right is a footpath, take this and it takes you directly across the farmer's field. You'll smell a cesspit soon. Head up to the footpath and folow this through to Betteshanger Church. Visit the church and on leaving turn left and head towards Sandwich. On reaching the road, turn left heading towards Eastry. On reaching the entrance to Northbourne school, almost opposite is a road. Take this and head towards the A259. Follow the path across the A259 and head up to Eastry. Visit the church and head  out the churchyard to the south east and head towards the Ham. Go over the A259 and on go passed the 'Blazing Donkey'. Just after, is a left turn, take this and head towards Sandwich again. You'll go passed some pigs in a field. Once passed the pigs you'll get to another junction and you need to trun right and head towards Ham. You'll see a small church in Ham on the right. Keep heading uphill and head towards Finglesham. On reaching Finglesham head straight through, do not deviate from the path and towards the outskirt to the south east is The Crown.

Mongeham to Finglesham

The King's Arms Mongeham_Finglesham_231109_ROUTE