1. Spent first 2 hours discribing the way to play Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine

2. Harsh but fair conversation with Viv from Deal Gas showrooms on the mobill

3. Bloke (possibly farmer) on quad bike sprinkling blue things across the farmer's field.

4. Conversation about some yobbo stealing cars at Heathrow airport and getting away with it.

5. At St. Margarets, looking at the menu in the pubs and stating that we' be only an hour away from Dover.... That was a mistake !

6. All the amazing houses in St Margarets

7. Standing at the top of the White Cliffs near South Foreland light house, thinking to ourselves "Feck Me, that's a bloody long way down, and this part of the cliff has a HUGE crack in it !"

8. American (possibly Australian or South African) gay men kept appearing form nowhere

9. Took the wrong path along cliff top, but because of this saw lots of bunnies

10. Took wrong path again across top of Doverdocks

11. Finally found proper path under jubilee way.


Train back

Route going

Route back

Start at Mongeham and head toward Walmer via Cherry Lane.

Half way down, follow farm road to main footpath, you should see the sign for it. Follow footpath across the road

and head for Sutton.


Stop for Lunch and Train back to Walmer.


At Walmer head back to Mongeham via Ellens Road.


Overall Distance = 21Km

Overall Time = 6.5 Hrs


Difficulty = Hard

Train Station