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Start in Mongeham and head to Northbourne, go diagonally across field to Betteshanger, at Northbourne Park (sch) head north on to the road, and head for the A256. Cross the A256 and join the road opposite, turn right into Venson Fm road. A short way up, is a discarded tractor in the field to the left, on the opposite side of the road is a bungalow, although no sign posted there is a path that runs along the side of the farmer's field going passed said tractor.  Cross over the remnants of the dismantled railway line and head toward Knowlton in to what's known as The Grove, where there are half a dozen Redwood Trees. As you go half way through, there is a faint pathway to the right, take this and it leads out to Knowlton Church. Take a look at this church, it's quite remarkable. After this, take the road out of Knowlton Estate, and head left passed the memorial, and take next road on the left. From here it is a straight route back to Barfrestone, sadly all road. In the afternoon, after lunch at The Yew Tree, head out to Shepherdswell (Sibbotswold) to train station.

1. SP tripped up 4 times.

2. Police van stopped in road, while the police officer watched a Golden Eagle have it's prey in the field.

3. SH ducked as Eagle took flight - big jessy !

4. Discarded tractor didn't look out of place.

5. 2 x Blackcap birds leading the way, bobbing up and down the hedgerow.

6. Saw a badger with a pheasant.

7. Bloody great Redwood Trees in The Grove, made you dizzy when you look at them.

8. Lost in The Grove.

9. SP suffered badly with upset stomach.

10. SH won cribbage - JUST !!!!

11. SH took us down wrong road, cos some git had played about with road signs.

12. Incubus, Rocket and one other real ale, were very nice.