First thing to fix was the gate. This Had to be removed from the existing brackets, which held the gate badly, sand down off old varnish, until surface perfectly smooth, then paint in Beaumont blue varnish stain paint. Rehung gate in new sockets

Next to fix was the veggie patches. For 6 years, the earth was turned only 3 times, due to protective sheets to stop weeds growing, but retained moisture. in 2010, the sheets have been removed the earth turned many times to break up all culmps and create a fine soil. carcassing has been laid to create 8 plots instead of 2. carcassing painted beaumont blue, same as gate above. hedgerow cuttings used to create paths and copper laid to prevent slugs and snails

With carcassing down, paths laid, the next thing to do was treat the soil to a few nutrients. having collected 2 bags of horse manure, this was dug in, along with 4 bags worth of tomato growing bags. the soil then sieved to get as fine as possible, before planting the first of the seeds and sapplings that had been growing on the kitchen windowsill for the passed few weeks. Sun tunnels were then added. The wooden store boxes get a makeover too - again... the beaumont blue stain paint used.

Next thing to sort out was the raspberry canes. Over the years the canes have taken a real hammering, what with being cut to 2 inches high, mowered down, set fire to and last year, left to ther own devices, which meant weeds took over - as shown in the photos on the left. The ground was rock solid, so, using a pick axe, the canes still with life. were dug out, placed in water buckets while the remaining weeds etc were excavated and extracted, then replaced with rich manure and fresh compost. Canes replanted and looking healthy.