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1. BULLS, bloody great big ones, and a certain someone (who's name will not be mentioned)   was a little unhappy to walk through the said BULL's field, so had to change route slightly.

2. Waldershare Park - with Church and grounds - loads of Chestnuts !

3. Conker Trees and twanging said conkers with walking stick

4. Pub was serving a limited menu, couldn't smoke in pub and there was a huge bloke on a quad bike and the local loony was out, shouting the odds at us through the window.

5. No taxi service, so had to walk back to Shepherdswell and get a Connex Train from London to Dover.

6. Stop off at 8 Bells in Dover for a further 3 pints making a running total of 7 for the day.

7. Bussed back to Deal or Elms Vale, SP accosted by the Deal mad man and would not leave him alone.

8. Stopped off at the Railway pub in Walmer 'en route' for a further couple of pints.

9. Walked back in the dark to Ripple - got home at 22:21 and passed out on getting back to one's humble abode !