Start at Kingston at the Black Robin head south towards Heart's Delight, and then on to Derringstone. Once on the Elham Valley Way, follow this all the way to Elham.

1. SH and SP both suffered with wind from the start of the walk.

2. Got off the bus too early and therefore, started walk by the church in Barham.

3. SH not happy with a man getting something from his car, and gave SH & SP a dirty look.

4. Whilst walking up Green Lane, towards Heart's Delight, a bird scarer went off and scared the living daylights out of both SH & SP. It was as though someone had fired a gun.

5. Wet dew on spider's webs in trees, making it look like either staligmites or mucus.

6. Ford in Derringstone could not get a dog to water, and a giant Yew Tree 500 years old was blown down in 1987 hurricane. Had a sign which spoke of the Golden Calf.

7. Sun trying to burn through the mist.

8. SP hurdling electric fence badly.

9. Huge watering bowl for cows.

10. Amazing amounts of flint in the field running alongside Covert Wood.

11. SH getting drenched when coming through the woods towards the Palm Tree Camping facilities.

12. SH calling a reversing SAAB driver a stupid tart, although he didn't realise that her window was open.

13. King's Head was superb. Great staff, great Harvey's real ale (3 pints downed) great Home Made Cottage Pie and Vegetable Garlic Kiev !!!

14. Mad woman wearing green barbour jacket and wellington boots, telling us we were wrong about where we had just walked.

15. Church in the square at Elham had a monk with a white monk's outfit on, beeds, and shiney brown shoes. He ran from the church to the pub and back again.

Kingston to Elham

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View from St Mary's Church Tower showing

'The King's Arms'