Start at Kearsney Train Station and leave the station northside, and take footpath left to Temple Ewell. Continue along footpath, over the adjoining road and pass the primary school on to the church. Stop at the church for a minute or two and marvel at it's interior.

Leave the church and head west, UP the road and follow it as it bends to the left and across the railway tracks. You'll now be on a public right of way that will take youy through the woods and will ascend a good 100 > 150 ft above sea level. You'll eventually come to an opening and a gate. It is all signposted, so simply follow the route along the hedgerow until you come to a track/road. Follow this passed the farms on the left. About 1500 yards along you'll see a turning to the right, which looks as though it just leads down to someones driveway. It doesn't, there is a stile/kissing gate near the bottom. You need to take this. The route now goes through a meadow, and the path sticks to the hedgerow, down the hillside to the bottow right hand corner, where another kissing gate can be found. Now turn right and continue through wooden area, which is a military area called Lord's Wood, so stick to the path and do not stray, there is live ammunition around this area, so avoid it.

It will eventually come out in to the open and you'l be looking straight down the valley, the path bends let and up the hillside again, it is signposted. Go straight across, and then through the gates and straight across again, you'll see the stile in front. Take this along the hedgerow again. It bends round to th right and down the hill. In front in the distance is Lydden.On reaching Lydden take the footpath just passedThe Hope Inn, then take the road to the A2, cross over, and follow the road to Coldred and then Shepherdswell.

1. SP forgets map

2. SP does not read wether forecast and dresses for clement weather. Caddy Lee Preston advises the country of severe downpours, without SP knowing.

3. SP gets wet at the train station, before the walk has even started.

4. SP informs SH that he believes that the breaking news regarding Michael Jackon's passing away (Rest In Peace, you were a good man, that was misunderstood !) and that he may still be alive somewhere.

5. SH states that SP has a conspiracy theory for everything, even the Earl Grey SP is sipping on has a conspiracy linked to it somehow, which SP confirms. It does !

6. Bushy Ruff, becomes, Rushy Buff, Bushy Muff and then Mooshy Buff.

7. Derivation of Cockney Rhyming Slang  - which we still have to find out !!!!

8. No shield of a knight of the The Knights Templar in the church, BUT, the lid to one of the tombs of a Knight of the Templars is there. Click here...


9. Get to the top of the valley, and a rumble of thunder can be heard behind us in the distance. It gets closer, and closer, then a downpour. SP is a drowned rat, and has to walk the next mile topless, whilst trying to get T-shirt dry. Then has to continue the rest of the walk very soggy indeed.

10. Delapidated farms.

11. Incredible views from Lord's Wood.

12. Fete at Coldred, poor old farmer setting up stalls on the green, by himself, in the rain.

13. Mrs Fagg's Carpenters Arms open.

14. Vegetables being crown in flowerpots welcoming visitors in to Coldred.

15. Steam coming off the road.

16. 16 foot puddle that looked half a foot deep.

17. Massive bowl of pasta for SH which could feed a small village.

18. Spanner of a man in pub speaking about Michael Jackson's death.

Kearsney to Shepherdswell

The King's Arms Kearsney_SSwell Knighs Tomb