Start at the bus stop opposite the Railway Bell (formerly Pickwicks) coming in to Temple Ewell, and then head downhill towards the railway station. Pass underneath the railway bridge and cross the Alkham Valley road.  Head towards Kearsney Abbey and pass this on to Bushy Ruff. Walk through the grounds of Bushy Ruff taking in the views of the river and the lakes. On leaving Bushy Ruff via the green gate at the back end (towards Alkham) walk 200 > 300 yeards along the Alkham Valley road until you reach the Byway which passes through MOD land. This is directly opposite the trunring to Chilton Farm. This is where you'll start ascending the hillside towards the Minnis and the views are truly spectacular. Follow the pathway until you reach the road and follow the road through to Ewell Minnis. Go through Ewell Minnis and out the southside (Swingfield side) until reaching a T-junction and opposite is the adjoining footpath. Follow this to Swanton Court Farm and pass the farm on the right handside. Follow the trackway towards Wickham Bushes and on reaching this blue-doored building, you'll see the road, which you'll need to tack. This has a gentle decline, and halfway down is the footpath that you'll need to take to get to Lydden Hill. Cross over Lydden Hill and up to Lydden Nature Reserve. The footpath then runs through the farmer's field (perfect footpath) to the A2. Cross over the A2 and meet up with the footpath again heading towards Upton Wood. Heading East, walk passed the farms at Upton wood and the connecting footpath crosses the farmer's field again and on to the A2 again. Cross the A2 for a second time and then downhill to Lydden, pass the church and the pond. Head uphill to the Hope Inn.

1. Drongo of a woman at Pencester waiting to board the bus to Canterbury, whos vocabulary consisted of f**k, wa*k, cu*t, tw*t, ar*ehole, sh*t and little else. Delightful, she was not !

2. SH and SP amazed by the weather, despite the forecast stating that it was due to be bad.

3. Wonderful scenery from the start at Kearsney & Bushy Ruff.

4. Fast flowing waters at Kearsney, despite there being very little rain over the past few weeks.

5. MOD land at Chartered Copse had incredible views of both Dover and Alkham Valley.

6. Brown and White spotted sheep at The Minnis had a very peculiar bleet.

7. Horses at the Minnis looked like young shires.

8. Lots of unused wood at the farm, which SP comented on, would make great raised vegetable beds.

9. Sign pointing to Alkham (1 mile) and Woolverton (0.5 miles) - WELL THE HELL IS WOOLVERTON ?

10. Amazing footpath heading back to Lydden, and SP was discussing the political debate on the tele the night before.

11. Juicy Fruits

12. SH having to stop due to socks being threadbare, and boots rubbing.

13. SH mentioning that it was disappointing not to see a Red Post Van - then, within seconds of saying this, an RPV turned up at Swanton Court Farm - which was nice.

14. Chocolate bar break heading towards Wickham Bushes.

15. Blue-doored building, which SP mentioned was council something, and meant (as corrected by SH) parliamentary building like Downing street, as opposed to council estate.

16. SH rips trousers on stile after adjusting socks again.

17. Ian Hislop's "FOREIGN" on Have I Got News For You.

18. Lydden Bell - far too expensive

19. The Hope... opened the door to a waft of home cooking, which was a real welcome after visiting The Lydden Bell first.

20. Chap at the bar that was far too Brahms & Liszt by 13:00, how'd he manage that ?

21. Amazing all day Veggi breakfast for £5.95

22. Amazing (and properly cooked) Spaghetti Carbonara for £6.50 with real pancetta.

23. 6 pints of Alepril Fool real ale.

24. 3 games of darts later and cracking finish to game 3 by SP - however, not as good as SH's finish on game 1.

25. Meander back to The Railway Bell to have another pint.

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