Blackbird Song Blackbird Alarm Black Cap Song Black Cap Alarm Blue Tit Song Blue Tit Alarm BullFinch Call BullFinch Song Chaffinch Rain Song Chaffinch Song Collared Dove Cuckoo Goldfinch Alarm Goldfinch Song Great Tit Alarm Great Tit Song Green Finch Flight Song Green Finch song Grey Wagtail Jackdaw Kestrel Woodpecker Drumming Woodpecker Song White Throat Song Long Tailed Tit Pied Wagtail Raven Starling Wood Pigeon Call Mr Smith's Compilation

Identity of British Birds

One of the things we take for granted and shouldn't, is the various birds that you'll hear and see whilst walking. This is not to say, become a ' twitcher ', but, instead of just going, " OH, that's a nice sound ", try and identify it. Here's a few of the birds that you might hear, simply click on the link to hear the bird song / call / alarm etc.