C. Parc >  Saltwood > Sandling > Stanford >etchinghill    = 1 hr 50mins

Start at Cheriton Parc, take footpath beside Exhibition Centre, until reach footbridge over M20 motorway. Continue down the path (not across motorway) and bare left under the bridge and up to the MOD camp. Follow Saxon Shore Way across field to the main road and bare right toward Folkestoen Rugby Club. Just next to the Big GREEN HOUSE (previously PINK) is a bridleway that takes you through to Saltwood. On reaching Saltwood Castle come out from the driveway and turn right, heading towards Hayne Barn. On reaching Hayne Barn, Turn left and follow Saxon shore Way, through to Elham Valley Way. Elham Valley way has been re-routed and runs next to the old dismantled Railway Line (very good footpath now). This comes out at Sandling railway station. Go across the car park, and on to the road, head right and re-connect with the Elham Valley way, heading towards Sandling Park and Westenhanger. Go round the roundabout and go to the other side to pick up the footpath toward Postling (goes diagnolly across farmers land (well maintained path - good farmer !!!) On reaching Postling, head north to the DRUM. After DRUM, go up stone street some 200 yards until reaching bridleway on the right, take this. After 400 yrds down bridleway, the gravel turns to mud, and you go over a small bridge-like thing. Just after that on the left is a wooden bridge that takes you back across the river, take this and then through farmers gates, and follow footpath to Postling. Walk through Postling following the road north, then just before reaching Staple Farm, follow footpath across farmers field, heading toward Etchinghill, Tolsford mast will be close by on the right hand side. On reaching Etchinghill, go to NEW Inn, after which, cut across golf course and head for Lyminge.

DISTANCE = Approx. 13Km

TIME = Approx. 3hrs 30mins


1.Got lost at start - CTRL line has killed footpath

2.GB losing footing in quagmire along bridleway near GREEN house (was PINK)

3.Renamed CTRL - our version = Crap Tracks / Routes Layout

4.Going up a path to Elham Vally Way, blow-up Tennis Court, route killed

5.New Elham Vally Way path (V. spectacular)

6.Sandling station locked-up - had to climb through fence and up a tree

7. Elham Valley Way not signposted, resulted in having to walk up the slip road of M20.

8. Bizarre footpath location on slip road of M20 heading towards Postling.


10. COWS - GB scaring them off with his 'lightsabre' - (SP's torch actually)

11. 'Pinballed' in a field with V. heavy kissing gates

12. Etchinghill - "ooh, there's Grace Jones haircut hedge again"

13. Shetland Pony and Big Horse (came from nowhere)

= Areas where we got lost / CTRL line has caused re-routing - without any signs or indication !

PUB = The Drum