C. Parc > Paddlesworth > etchinghill    = 1 hr 50mins

Start at Cheriton Parc, take footpath beside Exhibition Centre, until you reach footbridge over M20 motorway. Go left after crossing motorway to Newington , then on to Peene. Follow the road toward Lyminge, once reach top of hill, you'll see North Downs Way footpath signs, and take this right as if going back on yourself. Go into and through Chalk Quarry, and continue along North Downs Way, passed gun turret/pillbox and onto Badgers Set. Continue along North Downs Way until you reach foot stile on Crete Road. Take the road to the left toward Arpinge, just after B+B and there is another stile passed a covered car, take this and head toward Paddlesworth - following the bridleway signs. Go to Paddlesworth and passed Cat and Custard Pot pub. Follow road toward Shuttlesworth  and infront of you is a signed footpath that takes you diagonally across the farmer's field, through to Teddars Lees Road, which takes you through huge 'Corn on the Cob' plantation. Follow Teddars Lees Road into Etchinghill.

PUB = Cat & Custard Pot