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C Parc  >  SENE  > Saltwood > Brockhill > Lympne

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DISTANCE = Approx. 16Km

TIME = Approx. 5hrs

PUB 1 = County Members

PUB 2 = The Drum

PUB 3 = The New Inn

Start at Cheriton Parc, take footpath beside Exhibition Centre, until reach footbridge over M20 motorway. Continue down the path and go left under railway bridge upto St Martins Plain army barracks. Go South West and meet up with Saxon Shore Way through to Sene. Go down the road passed the Golf Course for approx. 500 yards until reach footpath heading towards Saltwood Castle. On reaching Saltwood, go through farm up to the church and through cemetary. Head Right on leaving cemetary upto the orchards and following round the side of the orchard upto the junction of Saxon shore Way and Elham Valley Way, take the left route along Saxon shore way, which comes out at the bend of Brockhill/Sandling. Go directly across the road following SSW and this will take you through Brockhill Park woods, over a stream and upto Pedlinge. Keep following the SSW across the fields to the Shepway Cross, then follow road to the Couny Members pub.


After eating at the pub, go back on yourself some 60 yards and follow stone street to Newingreen. Follow the road onwards , due north, to Westenhanger, then through the village upto M20 motorway, take the footbridge over motorway in to Stanford, follow stone street to the Drum pub.


After a couple of pints here, leave the pub and go left for approx.150 yards until meet bridlepath on the right, which leads through to Postling corner. Half way down this bridleway you come across a small brook with a bridge, just after the bridge is a path leading to Postling village, take this. This will take you diagnally across the field to Postling. On reaching Postling follow the road to New Barn Corner and on to either Lyminge or Etchinghill.


1. Small brook on reaching Saltwood Castle with lots of sheep

2. Film crew at Saltwood Castle - catching us on film

3. Amazing views from Pedlinge across channel and also from Shepway Cross

4. ISIS close

5. Nice young lady working behind the bar at County Members with huge melons

6. RA getting totally confused as to our location on reaching foot bridge across M20 at Stanford

7. Torch wars heading from Drum to Postling corner

8. Huge Bulls in field just outside Postling with RA tripping over fence whilst trying to run away from them.

9. 3 pubs in one night