St Martins Plain > Hythe > Lympne > Saltwood > Etchinghill

DISTANCE = Approx. 12 miles

TIME = Approx. 4hrs mins

PUB = The County Members at Lympne


1.  Heron on Royal Military Canal + width of Canal and GB storming off on route march

2.  Gruelling hill, bottom of Shepway Cross to Lympne

3.  Yellow Fields

4.  GB tricked into crushing a stinging nettle

5.  Head torches

6.  Gruelling hill, bottom of "Grace Jone's haircut"

7.  Incredible trenches created by tracor tyres to climb up heading to Tolsford Hill

8.  Steep hill to Tolsford Hill

9.  Looking back from Tolsford to Lympne after conquering the hill

10. Cows on Tolsford charging at us and us having to turn off head torches to fool them

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