Peene > Arpinge > Paddlesworth > Etchinghill

DISTANCE = Approx. 7 miles

TIME = Approx. 2.5hrs mins

PUBS = Cat and Custard Pot (Paddlesworth) plus The New Inn (Etchinghill)


1.  First NT walk with

2.  Foot of a mountain - very daunting, but, should have a green door, as GB was quoted as saying. Then went on to sing Shakin' Stevens little number about this green door.

3.  Nice footpath behind Eurotunnel GB terminal, which inspired much debate about that bloody horrible shepway white horse graffiti on the hill side.

5.  Long conversation about the Venus Transit Eclipse

4.  Found and photo'd the rarest orchid in Britain, only native to this area (see below)

5.  Collective Nouns - Rookery-Rooks, Cookery-Cooks, Battery-Bats

6.  Tree that looked like ladies-parts (as pictured below)

7.  RA and his phoebia of anything that moves, except people (closed mouth along all country paths, scared of a fly going in it - what a jessy!!!)

8.  Scarecrows hanged in a tree - not pleasant at all !

9.  The Geoff Bishop Project

10. Cat and Custard Pot only servging food on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Guess what day we went... Yep, Tuesday.

11. Total Eclipse of the Sun by Shrek - ie. SP - As shown in photo's below.

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