Films made in Kent



Dover has been used in numerous films. It's historical locations, fine views, and busy port have been the stage for several scenes on the silver screen. Here's the ones we've found so far. If you know of any more, please let us know!



(MGM 1944)


The White Cliffs of Dover tells the story of an American woman who survives the two world wars, and falls in love with an Englishman. While working as a Red Cross volunteer, she discovers she must tend to her own mortally wounded son. The film features a 12 year-old Liz Taylor.


The film is available on video and enjoys generally favourable reviews.  



(Warner Bros 1950)


David Niven dons the cape to fight France's Reign of Terror in a lavish retelling of the classic saga of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Margaret Leighton, Jack Hawkins and Cyril Cusack also star in this thrilling Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger adventure yarn that was originally filmed as a musical!


The film was shot on location in France and at various spots in the UK including London, Bath, and Dover.



(Columbia/Tristar Studios 1962)


Steve McQueen, Shirley Ann Field and Robert Wagner star in this exceptional World War II drama which is full of outstanding action scenes and memorable moments. With the war as it's backdrop, this movie tells the story of a love triangle between the three main characters and is most remembered for it's excellent B17 battles and great characterisations.


There is a flying scene in this movie shot over the White Cliffs of Dover.



(20th Century Fox 1965)


In 1910, when a British newspaper offers a cash prize for a flying competition, some budding early aviation pioneers introduce some zany contraptions which can actually fly. The slapstick comedy and sterling performance by Terry Thomas make the film memorable.


The film caused much excitement in Dover in 1964 while it was being filmed, and includes over 200 local extras!  



(BBC TV 1965)


In 1965 Peter Watkins filmed a disturbingly realistic drama about a nuclear attack on England. It explored the devastating effects on the English countryside that a nuclear strike would have, and it's hand-held camera documentary style gave it a chillingly authentic feel. The film was banned until July 1985, because of the delicate nature of the Cold War.


Many scenes were filmed around Kent, including some scenes shot at military barracks in Dover.



(UIP / 1971)


Sean Connery is in fine form in this favourite 007 adventure. Bond is chasing his enemy Blofeld, getting all the girls, and exploiting hi-tech gadgets in what is without doubt one of the most comic of all James Bond movies.


The film features scenes shot at Dover's Hoverport, when our hero leaves for the Continent.  



(UIP / Paramount 1986)


After the death of King Henry and his young son and heir Edward VI, Henry's 15-year-old great-niece, Lady Jane Grey, is chosen to rule by a group of palace conspirators who vow to keep the country Protestant and out of the hands of the Church of Rome. She is crowned, against her will, and her reign lasts only nine days. Jane is then imprisoned in the Tower of London and eventually beheaded, along with her husband, Guilford Dudley, for what is presumed to be their part in the conspiracy.


The film features scenes shot at Dover Castle, and many locals still remember being used as extras in the film!  



(Warner Bros 1990)


In this remarkable adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous play, Mel Gibson is impressive as Hamlet, the Danish prince who swears to his father's ghost that he will wreak revenge for the man's murder by taking the life of Claudius, who is now married to Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. Hamlet becomes torn between avenging his father's death and his reluctance to spill blood.


Many of the scenes were filmed at Dover Castle, which was given a huge Hollywood make-over for its role in the movie.  



(Tiger Aspect 1999)


The adventures of the comedy duo of Kevin and Perry (played by Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield), two sex-starved teenagers who always get into trouble. The toilet humour and puss gags may not be everyone's cup of tea, and the TV sketch show doesn't translate too well to the big screen, but there's a few good laughs here and some top music.


An early scene showing a Medieval execution was filmed on location at Dover Castle.  



(Sony Pictures 2001)


This film relays the little-known WWII story of Czech fighter pilots who escaped the Nazi occupation of their country to fight in Britain's Royal Air Force. Those who survived the battles were placed in work camps upon their return home by a then-entrenched, paranoid Communist regime.


Some scenes depicting the Battle of Britain are set in the skies of Dover.  



(Natural Nylon Entertainment 2002)


Tim Roth plays Oliver Cromwell and Dougray Scott plays Sir Thomas Fairfax in this historical drama. Set in 17th century England, it explores how two of English history's most fascinating figures of the English Civil Wars turned to betrayal and political intrigue. In the aftermath of years of bloodshed and chaos, Fairfax found himself increasingly stranded between his loyalty to the revolutionary cause of his comrade Oliver Cromwell and the loyalty he owed to his wife Lady Anne and their shared class. Cromwell's determination to change the face of English society led directly to the Execution of King Charles I - an act of treachery that Fairfax was unable to condone.


Dover Castle served as a backdrop for some of the scenes in the film, and many local extras were used.