Footpath Friendly Farmers

This section is dedicated to all the Farmers of Kent that deserve a mention due to the fact that they have kept the footpaths running through their land open as often as possible, and have kept them very accessible to all. We've all been on routes where a path should be, and is clearly shown on the Ordnance Survey maps, but, have dissappeared due to ploughing or lack of use. However, we've also seen plenty of paths that have been SO well kept, that the path can be seen from miles away, as it meanders and clings to the rolling fields and hills of our beloved Kent.


Some of the best paths are shown below, and whomever the farmer's are that own these fields deserve a real pat on the back, and if we ever are fortunate enough to meet, will certainly be bought a pint or two, in recognition of their efforts. We're so impressed by some paths that we've even decided to give a star rating, so that you can enjoy the farmer's efforts.

Capel Dover FFF_MongeRIP_Map FFF_Ripple_Map