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The Route Taken

Start at the Church at Eastry and head northwards until you see the footpath sign which will head you towards Statenborough. You'll need to head north again towards Eastry picnic area and through. The footpath then crosses the Eastry bypass, and within 200 yards of taking this path, you'll see large greenhouses (usually growing tomatoes) on your left. Stay on this footpath passed the horse paddocks. Over a couple of stiles, and then you reach a really loud squeaky gate. Turn right and head towards Ham. The path takes you along the side of a stream and at the end is a road, where you'll need to turn left, which points you towards Sandwich. On the left infront, you'll see the adjoining footpath. Take this and head for Worth. Go passed The Blue Pigeons pub, the duck pond, then The St Crispin pub and continue along the road until you get to a house which has a 'Cats Crossing' sign out the front. If you get to the train level crossing you have gone too far. On reaching the aforementioned house above turn right and head towards Deal. This will take you along the side of The Delf, which you need to follow all the way through to Hacklinge Pumping Station. The views here are spectacular. Continue to the Coach and Horses pub. Cross over the road and behind the pub is the footpath, which runs along the side of some horse paddocks until you get to a footbridge across the stream. Head across the marshes and across 2 more footbridges and head towards the corner of the field. The footpath looks like it goes in to someones garden, but it doesn't, it runs along the side. When you get to the road you are in Finglesham. Turn left and The Crown Inn is infront of you.

1. The church at Eastry is spectacular

2. SP had terrible wind from the start

3. NP couldn't help but crump a few apples and tomatoes

4. SP fell over 3 times along the same bit of track, even though there was nothing to trip up on.

5. Artichokes 2 for £1 in Tesco's

6. SP electricutes NP by holding on to a live electric fence and then touches NP.

Eastry to Finglesham