1. Steep climb at the start of the walk up a bridleway from Drellingore to Everden farm.

2. SP had a lot of wind from the start.

3. Wooden shell of a farm building right in front of us, which SP could not see.

4. Great Everden Farmhouse with Oast house, lake, tennis courts, stables, a black swan, and a groundsman which we named TED.

5. SH commented on the above, as to whether they had a good tv reception.

6. Sheep that would not budge, and then got to a higher plateau to gaze down at us. (see photos left)

7. Steep climb AGAIN to St Peter's church (not open to the public) located in Swingfield. 13th Century.

8. SP still had wind

9. Remains of St Johns church, not open to the public, maintained by English Heritage, is very poor.

10. Hedgerow towards Wootton appeared to be very old indeed.

11. The MOST revolting, pungent, noxious, potent pile of poo ou have ever come across. Pure ammonia. It burnt your eyes, nostrils and throat - VILE.

12. Ancient (or appeared to be) footpath from Wootton to Lydden hill that lasted what seemed a couple of miles, before opening in to a field of Rape seed yellow, with buzzards (3 of) soaring above. Amazing scenes.

13. COWS

14. Black sheep real ale on tap in the Hope.

15. Cracking lunch - tuna& egg salad for SH, SP had an all day breakfast - VEGGIE of course.

16. SH trying to hit the dart board, and instead getting the wall was the preferred choice.

17. Bus journey back home and SP fell asleep, and had to be woken by the driver.

Drellingore to Lydden

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