Start in Pencester Gardens, Dover and head out of town towards the village or River, using London Road. On reaching Cherry Tree avenue, turn left and head towards Buckland Hospital. Walk passed the hospital, and up the hill towards St Radigunds abbey Farm. Walk passed the farm and down the steep hill. On reaching the bend at the bottom of the hill, take the path that leads from it, towards the Alkham Valley. On reaching the bottom, you'll pick up the ffotpath that runs across the top of the Alkham Valley. In front you'll see Chilton Farm, and you need to head to this and walk to the side of it to the Alkham Valley road. Turn right and walk 400 yards until you reach the fencing of Bushey Ruff. There is a gap in the fencing on th eopposite side of the road, leading in to Bushey Ruff. Take this. Walk through Bushey Ruff, and out the other end, then on to Russell Gardens. Leave Russell Gardens and head towards Temple Ewell. Go under th etrain tracks and continue northwards to The Fox public house.

1. SP gets out of car to catch the bus and the heavens open. Came down in stair rods !!!

2. Bus gets stuck at top of Jubilee Way due to he torrents of rain across the road, and then the driver decides to do a U-turn on Jubilee Way. Very clever and well driven !

3. Dover in complete gridlock.

4. Then Pencester is empty, completely empty. Most odd !

5. SP & SH foget just how steep and long the hill is to St Radigunds from Buckland, and are knackered on getting to the top.

6. SP advises SH that chewing on Willow bark will get rid of a headache.

7. Get to the top of Buckland and SP points out the racing track that is now in the land at the brow of the hill.

8. SP points out the ridiculous eagle sculptures at the front of the property.

9. SP asks SH about jet proplusion in space. How can that be if there is no oxygen for the flame ?

10. SP & SH get stopped by a chap in a car trying to get to Dover, as he was rerouted through St. Radigunds from somewhere.

11. Tricky path to Alkham Valley.

12. Geese in the farm.

13. Skittles at the Fox.

14. Photos in Kearsney Abbey.

15. Pissed bloke, farting his head off in the Cricketers at the end.

Dover to Temple Ewell

The King's Arms Route_Walk12_2009_SPSH_Dover_TempleEwell