The Countryside's Free Bounty

 During many a summer or autumnal walk, the countryside is a wonderful place to harvest fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. Please respect all laws concerning such bounties, but, if you do stumble upon wild crops such as mushrooms, chestnuts, crab apples, damsons, sloes, rose hips etc, then read on. The books featured below are just a small selection of the many books on the market which cover this topic in the United Kingdom, and can help prevent a nasty incident, caused by sampling the wrong thing. Despite the many folk stating that there are many a poisonous plant in the hedgerows and woods, infact, there are but a handful. Be sure to get familiarised with what you are picking, before you pick it, if indeed you pick it at all.


Also, please remember the other wildlife that forage and survive off the same vegetation. If they don't feed, they will perish. If they perish the seeds do not get passed on, and thus, will not grow. If they don't grow, you don't get the next season. So on, and so fourth. You get the picture.


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