Start at Bekesbourne Train Station and head towards Bishopsbourne Palace (Ian Fleming's old place). Half way through the horse paddock head towards the spire of Patrixbourne Church. You'll walk over the cricket pitch and out the other side. There is a gate that looks like it leads in to someone's back garden. This is OK to walk down and out the other side. Follow the road to the left passed the old buildings and on to the church. Stop at the church for a while, it is magnificent. On leaving the church, turn right and head towards the village of Bridge. You'll see the North Downs Way on the left and you ned to take this. Follow the NDW up the hill and you'll see a bench at the top, to the left of this is the footpath, take that and follow the path through to the orchards. Follow the path on to the bridleway and out to Cold Harbour Farm. Head towards Ileden and pick up the NDW again. Stay on NDW through to B2046. You'll see on the left a Hotel called the Coach House. Opposite this is Denne Hill Business Centre. You need to head for this and walk passed it through the farm. Follow the trackway up the hill and down the other side to the road, 10 yards to the left is the road leading to Woolage Green. Take this and 500 yards away is the Two Sawyers public house.

1. SP dresses for good weather.

2. SP sees rain on getting to Dover, whilst on the train.

3. SH dresses for bad weather.

4. SP laughs at the fact that he is going to get wet. AGAIN.

5. Bizarre woman conducting the train announcements.

6. SH had kipper breakfast wind.

7. Ian Fleming's Bishopsbourne Palace residence on left and electrified fence to the right.

8. Cricket pitch at Patrixbourne, whee SH scored his best cricket score. Fence in wall, looks like going into someones back garden.

9. Statue with knockers !

10. Fantastic church at Patrixbourne (see photos above and link below..

11. Old men pointing us in the correct direction for NDW.

12. Scrumping behind Higham.

13. 'Dickie Attenborough' sorting to his plums behind Higham.

14. Very potent Blackcurrents at Higham.

15. BIT OF BLUE in the hedgerow.

16. Hard to locate path start towards Ileden, but, the path (once located) is magnificent. See photos above.

17. Amazing views on the NDW whilst approaching Barham roundabout.

18. Denne Hill Business Centre is an amazing sight, and if you wanted a place to work, this would have to be it. See link below.

19. Fantastic food in a friendly pub.

20. 2 cracking games of cribbage.

21. Dreadful wind after the walk, and after 4 pints of Doom Bar. See link below.

Bekesbourne to Woolage Green

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