Start at Bekesbourne train station, head down the main exit road until you get to the main Patrixbourne to Littlebourne Road. Half way along the road oppoite a left junction, is a footpath, that takes you underneath the A2. Take this path and follow it through the apple orchards. Shortly, you'll see the ruins of an old chapel, peruse for a while. Continue along the path until you reach the road that if you look right would take you to Little Garrington Farm. Here, go left down the road, passed a Kung Foo training centre, until you reach the Patrixbourne > Littlebourne road again. To the right, in the bushes on the opposite side of the road, is the connecting footpath, which takes you through Howletts Zoo. On exiting from the Zoo, turn right and head towards Littlebourne. On reaching Littlebourne, you'll see a footpath in the corner of the road. Take this and follow through to the A257. Go directly across the road and passed the cricket pitch. Marvel at the fact that they have weight training equipment in the children's play area, that would, in summer, make it look like muscle beach in California. On reaching Court Hill road, turn right and head for Littlebourne Church. Peruse a while. Leave the church and head around the side and you'll see the footpath heads towards the watermill in front. Follow this path through to the church of Wickhambreaux, and take a look around this church, it is fantastic. Head for the Rose Pub opposite and follow the road around the side passed 'Ye Olde Tudor Cottage' and then head for Seaton. On reaching the Nailbourne, turn right and take the footpath through to Ickham. Take a look around the church, and on leaving head for the oast houses in front. On reachingh the oast houses, turn left across the field and head for Bramling. Have lunch at the Haywain. In the afternoon, after lunch leave the pub, and take the road to the south heading towards Adisham. Half way down the road is the footpath that takes you across the farmer's field.

1. SP & SH discussing the derivation of the word 'canoodle' and deduced that this was where someone had a pot noodle in a canoe.

2. SH taking photo's of the mist on his 'new' camera.

3. Hundreds of apples left to rot in the orchards.

4. SP having trouble with his boxer shorts.

5. The ruins in the field, with a bouncy dog.

6. A Kung-fu centre in the middle of nowhere.

7. Strange goings-on in the zoo. Lots of tree suspensions and ropes and platforms etc.

8. Elephants !

9. Wild Boars... not Tapirs !

10. Footpath that leads to a dead end.

11. Exercise equipment in the childrens play area - most interesting.

12. Lovely church at Littlebourne.

13. Great path to Wickhambreaux.

14. 'Orses

15. No apples for the 'orses !

16. Lovely church at Wickhambreaux.

17. Ye Olde Thatched Cottage - prententious gits !

18. Talking about DVD recorders and the lack of interest certain members of SP's family have shown to embrace such technology.

19. Bloody great big potatoes in the field.

20. Lovely church at Ickham.

21. Footpath that led in to someones back garden.

22. Supersonic jet flys over head scaring the life out of SP & SH.

23. The Haywain - amazing food, great beers, cracking bar lady. That means she was a stunner, not someone that can snap bars !

24. Lowball cribbage.

25. Staggering across farmer's field back to Bossingham.

26. Hundreds, literally hundres of mormans in the woods.

27. Made it to Adisham train station with 2 mins to spare. Great end to 2010 WALKING.

Bekesbourne to Bramling