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Start at Bekesbourne train station, head down the main exit road until you get to the main Patrixbourne to Littlebourne Road. Go across the junction and go across the foot stile toward the hop farm, via the church.Go up the hill (well, incline anyway) and take the turning to the right, towards the pillbox in the field, and follow the road to Shepherd's Close. Opposite the junction is the bridleway that you will need to take, and this then comes to a road with a huge water tower half way along. Continue along the road in to Pitt Wood. When you exit from the wood, head right toward cooling downs, and follow the pathway, toward Barham Downs, and you then come to the North Downs Way, and bear left. Go across B2046 and go to Womenswold. Go past the church  at Womenswold and go left towards Snowdown, go across the road at Ackholt and head on toward Nonington. When you get to the road, turn right toward Frogham. When you reach the dates of Fredville park, you'll see the footpath to the left and take this up the hill towards Barfrestone.

1. Sitting on the train, waiting for it depart at the very beginning of the walk, even before the walk had started, the heavens opended, and SP suggested to SH that we simply get off at Bekesbourne and go to the Unicorn Pub for the morning and afternoon, and advise the wives that we had done a walk, when in fact we just get pis*ed. This didn't happen though !!!

2. Got off the train at Bekesbourne, saw some Pro cyclists, went through a field with an attractive young lady (whom wasn't wearing a bra, and it clearly showed) stroking an 'orse.

3. SH advising SP that Dumbledank and Grunglesnitch should really be murderers, but murderers of language and ideas. (THIS WILL BE EXPLAINED LATER !)

4. Heavens opened 20 minutes in t the walk just after passing a pillbox, and SH & SP hid in a bush until the rain had passed.

5. Rain stopped and a Rainbow started to emerge fom the field opposite. Quite literally, it started growing from the field violet first, indigo second, then blue and so on until a second Rainbow started to grow above it. Then they disappeared, but it was majestic, probably we'll never see that ever again ! If only we had a camera... DOH !

5. The Water Tower, very impressive.

6. Copicing was remarkable.

7. The cottage that was more of a mansion, than cottage !

8. The woodlands and Pitt Wood was incredibly beautiful.

9. The uphill walk with the cloud shadows drifting across the fields on the outskirt of Ileden Wood, very, very, tiring !

10. Getting to Womenswold and not realising that this was actually part of the walk, due to it not being on the map.

11. Getting to Ackholt and seeing the caravans of the travellers, and the much and mess that they have left all over the place and fires still blazing. Disgusting and filled us with hatred, at this sheer lack of respect for the footpath and the countryside !

12. Wishing that we were at the pub an hour before the end of the walk.

13. Get to the refurbished Yew Tree pub, only to see that the Mercedes estate out the front had number plate of RAD10 1. Somebody had some money there !

14. Bizarre menu, which was very expensive and it turned us away. Not interested in paying £20 for a midday lunch, thank you very much.

15. Get to the Bricklayer's arms in Shepherdswell, only to find it totally empty, and they don't do food anymore.

16. Dragging our sorry, nackered behinds up the hill to the Bell Inn,and thankfully they have changed the menu, and the food was great and good portions and good prices. Beer was nice too !!!

17. Get to the train station, a little drunk, and then it started to hail. So, we had rain, wind, very hot sun in places, and thenhail. All 4 seasons in one day.

Bekesbourne to Barfrestone