Start from Adisham train station and head south easterly toward Ratling court. You may smell gas as you pass the small industrial buildings. As the road bends down and then back up you'll approach a T-junction, at which point take the road left and you'll see the footpath approx. 100 yards up the road on the left. This footpath heads diagonally across farmer's field. The stile leads you ino a field with young Bulls in it. If you ignore them, they'll leave you well alone. The next field has a black and white shire horse in it and the stile is to the far corner. At this point, take a moment or two to have a look at the houses that are located here, they are facinating ! Turn right, and head down the road passed Bonnington Farm. Head up the road passed the next junction and on the next bend you'll see two paths heading southerly across the field, you need the one pointing east not south. Simply follow the path through the field and out the other side. It's a bit deceiving beacuse you can not see a decernable path. On leaving this farmer's field you enter what looks like a park, as it is well maintained. The sign indicates keping a dog on a lead and is ideal if you do have a dog, as the gates have been designed for easy access and exit. Ther is a bench on the right hand side as you go through the park, if you fancy a quick cuppa. Head downwards and you'll see the sign directing you to the right. Take this and follow this down the bank. In front of you, on the opposite embankment, is a very tall, very erect and straight American Redwood. To the right in the distance you can see the church spire of Nonnington church, so head for this. when you eventually reach the church after 10>15 mins walk, pop inside and have a look around, it's quite remarkable. Opposite the church is the 17th Century Toll Cottage. Walk passed this, turn right and head towards the primary school. Just running along side the school is the footpath, take this up the slight icline and down the other side. On reaching the road at the end of the path, go straight over and head up to Fredville Park. It's well signposted, so you shouldn't have any problems finding your way. Head up the field, which usually has sheep in it and in the distance is the stile. Go across this walk through the bushes and out the otherside, where a Bridlepath meets you. Go along the Bridlepath and out the otherside until you reach a road. Turn right and you should see the railway bridge, this you need to walk over. Continuse down the road some 800 yards around the snaking s-bend. You'll now see the North Downs Way footpath signs. Follow the road as it bears right and you'll see a private road up to the farm. It's actually not a private road, but, an unsigned public footpath, so take this up the hill, go right through the farm, and then you are in Woolage Green, and the pub is now infront of you.

1. Chavs on train journey going to Dover, at the start. One of them trying to be clever by not paying for a ticket, was asked to get off the train at the next stop (which from Walmer, was Martin, and was then presented with a £20 fine - HA !!!!

2. Somebody leaving a £84 ticket to London on the table, and it was valid, they must have just got on the train without it. Whoops.

3. SP plays SH a clip of Ronnie Barker's 'Office of Communications' speech - which you can hear below. This led on to SH advising SP of two play on words...


What's the difference between a drunken archer and a constipated owl? -

One shoots but cannot hit....


What's the difference between Delia Smith and a cross country run? -

  A cross country run is a pant in the country....


4. Footpath was superb coming out of Ratling toward Goodnestone, in 2007- first footpath of the walk and this time, non-existant. It's usually excellently kept.

5. SH having a trauma getting over the first stile.

6. Field full of young friendly Bulls - Usually, but, not on this occassion.

7. SH suffering from wind (AGAIN)

8. Old buildings around Bonnington Farm

9. Aberdeen Angus Bull with wonky horns.

10. Uncle Albert/Father Christmas attending his veg patch in Nonington Court.

11. The very erect Red Wood.

12. Nonington Church and Toll Cottage were beautiful.

13. SP leading us out of Nonington the wrong way, and SH commented that this was like the Grand Old Duke of York.

14. The well dressed Headmaster of Nonington Primary in his dickie-bow, having a sly cigarette outside the school gates.

15. SH getting caught short along bridleway, and having to have a tinkle which took forever and a day.

16. Then the clouds dissipated and the sun was warm, very warm. So warm, it was the hottest February day since 1976, (according to the local news that day).

17. 2 Games of Cribbage and 3.5 pints later, Meridian TV turn up and do a piece in the pub, about the pub, which catches SH & SP out.

18. Walking back to Snowdon train station and SH & SP both feeling the effects of the alcohol and food, with plenty of wind being passed from both ends !


A very good start to the walks of 2009 !!!!

Adisham to Woolage

Adisham_Woolage Info on Fredville Info on Nonington's Church Info on - Play on Words