Starting at Adisham train station, head south and find the path that leads you towards Adisham Village. The church spire is visible in the far distance to the right. On reaching Adisham, take the road to the left heading towards Bloodden. Follow the road round and passed Cooting Farm. The footpath is picked up at the end of the road and heads towards Ileden. On reaching Ileden, you'll see the footpath heading across the farmer's field towards Barham. This will lead to a spectacular new footbridge which leads to Out Elmstead. On reaching the road head downhill to Kingston. Just before reaching the Nailbourne (small brook) you'll see a footpath leading to Barham. Take this and follow through to Barham Church. Take 10 > 15 mins to peruse inside the church as it is most beautiful inside. Leave the church from the south east and follow the road up hill towards Lydden. Follow the road to Gravel Castle and take the road to the left heading towards Winghamand the A2. Half way up is a footpath on the right, which will take you out to the garage along the A2. Cross the A2 and take the road leading towards Woolage. 200 yards before reaching Woolage is a road leading to Woolage Green. Take this and the pub is 50 yards along the road as you reach the green. After lunch head for Snowdon and catch the train back.

1. SP sitting on Dover beach and NP sitting on a wall waiting for a bus. Good start to the walk, sun was shining and all was well.

2. Tickets to Snowdown as opposed to Adisham was cause for concern for NP, however, SP reassured NP that there'll be no bugger on the train to check so worry not.

3. Get to Adisham, disembark train to find the conductor/inspector was sitting at the end of train and was circa 72 years old. We named him Ted or Bert.

4. NP getting a Special Brew disused/discarded can stuck on his boot.

5. Grafitti on the hedgerow.

6. The usual confusion over Bloodden or Blodden or Blooden.

7. The red post van !

8. Damsons in the hedgerow.

9. SP had wind.

10. Cows with half.

11. Tractor left in the field - JCB

12. Tractor ploughing AROUND the bales in the field, with tank caterpillar tracks.

13. Combines cutting around Ileden.

14. Red post van at Out Elmstead.

15. Copper spire of Barham church.

16. Lots of Files buried in the churchyard.

17. Peas

18. Amazing views at Gravel Castle looking out towards Elham and Broome Park.

19. Mini Milk

20. Lowball Cribbage.

21. Bacon & Sausage bap with chips + all day veggie breakfast - SP ate FAR too much !

22. Lots of wind !

23. 5 Pints of Doom Bar

24. Missed train - IT WAS EARLY !

25. Abbott's ale in 8 bells - pub quiz (machine)

Adisham to Woolage Green

The King's Arms Walk10