Start from Adisham train station and head southwest towards Adisham court, by way of exiting the train station from a small exit on the south side. Do not take the footbridge over the train tracks ! You'll see the village sign for Blooden, which is a bit odd, because of the fact that the sign on the otherside of the road says Bloodden. Anyway, continue down the hill and you'll see the impressive church of Adisham which is 12th Century. Sadly no longer open to the public due to vandalism, however, if realy keen, the key can be obtained from a house down the road. After visiting the church, follow the road towards Bossington and take the underpass below the railway tracks. Follow the road to the right and go passed Bossington. The road you are on is Love Lane. Follow this road over the B2046 and head towards Goodnestone. If you have time, make a visit to Goodnestone Park - well worth it.  Shortly on the right you'll see Bonnington Farm with it's famous Sussex cow herd, and it's old oak beamed buildings. Follow the road upwards and take the next road to the right heading toward Aylesham. Take the second road on the left in to Nonnington, which will have High Leas to the left of you. If you have time pop in to the church of Nonnington, and also the graveyard opposite. Toll Cottage will be in front of you, take the road to the right of this and use the footpath now on the left passed the primary school and toward Fredville. Follow the road to Snowdown and on to Woolage Village and finally Woolage Green and pop in to The Two Sawyers public house.

1. First walk of 2010 looked bleak the night before with the heavens opening at 19:00 and continued with thunder & lightning throughout the evening - however, at 08:00 the decision was made to go for it, and thank Christ we made that decision, as the weather was perfect.

2. A collection of umbrellas had been left along the footpath next to the station, in the farmer's field. How lovely.

3. Snowdrops peppered the path too, which was nice to see for late Feb.

4. Blooden and Bloodden - What the.... ?

5. Huge church, and Adisham 612 AD sign.

6. The Sussex cows and impressive farmhouse with oak beams (see photo's below) at Bonnington Farm.

7. Both SP & SH having wind at this point.

8. SP & SH getting eyeballs sandblasted by force 30 gales on the Bonnington > Aylesham Road.

9. Skylarks in the farmer's field, which was very peculiar for this time of year.

10. Talking about Mr Paul World who's father was a policeman, PC World.

11. Talking about Mr & Mrs O'Nut, and their drunken son Archibold, known locally as Pistachi o nut.

12.Tollgate cottage was a delight to see again.

13. A bracing route march towards Snowdown led to SP damaging the outstep of his left foot, and meant that the rest of the route would be carried out in much pain.

14. No bus stop in Woolage Green, despite SP being adamant there was.

15. Welcome return to The Two Sawyers.Although there was no Lynn today.

16. Liver & Bacon for SH.

17. SP was going to have a Leek & Broccoli Mornay until Ham, Egg & Chips was brought out to a fellow next us. SP asked for Fried Eggs, Chips, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onion Rings and they duly prepared such meal. How they managed to offer the portions that then cam out staggered us both. SP paid ONLY £2.95 for his, which they must be offering at a loss, bearing in mind the pain SP suffered therafter, and looked like he was about to explode.

18. 3.5 pints later and it was time to meander back to Snowdown Train station, but not after 2 games of Cribbage (5 card - 1 in box) of which each won one.

19. Slow walk back, being pushed across the fields nicely, by the natural wind, although the time gained was lost due to the stoppages caused by the unnatural wind eminating from SP & SH ALL THE WAY BACK. This did impede our progress somewhat.

20. Earliest return back to our respective dwellings, after today's walk, which was good as SP needed to go out that evening, although due to the pain experienced, didn't make it out afterall.

21. A VERY GOOD start to 2010's walking Calendar.

Adisham to Woolage

Adisham_Woolage Info on Fredville Info on Nonington's Church