Start from Adisham train station and head south westerly toward Adisham village. Just before you go under the railway bridge, pick up the footpath on the right hand side of the road, running parallel with the farmer's field on your right. At the end of this path you meet up with the road, having negotiated a difficult 4 foot decent, use the branches to assist you down.  Turn right at the road, and head north toward Bossington Farm, and take a minute to take in the buildings and the landscape, it's amazing along this stretch. Don't make our mistake and head through the farm, instead, just before is a footpath sign (which we should have seen, if we'd kept our attention on the route and not the countyside views) which leads you to the right of farm buildings, and then up a very well maintained path toward Wingham Well, where you pick-up the road, head right and about 200 yards take a left up another footpath on to Wingham. Head north through Wingham and take in the unmistakable aroma of Selmar, the Indian restaurant. Keep heading north through the village and notice how the village has not changed in years, it eally is like stepping back in time. Take the left turning coming out of Wingham up Broomhill and then on to Little Wenderton Farm. Follow the road round and  take the footpath west through the woodlands toward Frognall. Head over Deadmill Bridge and turn left along side of the River Nailbourne, heading towards Wickhambreaux, then follow the road to Ickham and then on to Littlebourne. Stop at The Evenhill pub for lunch, and in the afternoon, head north, out of Littlebourne, turn left toward Woolton Farm, and then follow path back to Bekesbourne, where, if you have enough time, pop in to the Unicorn pub, for a quick half before catching the train at Bekesbourne.

1. Graffiti on Adisham train station now removed, well... painted over with white paint at least.

2. Remarkably hot weather for March, so much so, both SH & SP remarked upon this fact nearly every 10 minutes at the beginning of the walk.

3. SP slipped at the beginning of the walk, and SH had very bad knees.

4. Fantastic houses in Bossington.

5. Got lost at Bossington farm (a bit).

6. Fantastic footpaths heading in to Wingham Well.

7. Dog Inn at Wingham (that's Dog Inn, not dogging !)

8. Old buildings in Wingham.

9. Smell of Selmar in Wingham.

10. Oldy-worldy feel to Wingham.

11. Old police house and post office and antique shops in Wingham.

12. SH commenting on the chimney's and well proportioned stack on the building at Little Wenderton Farm.

13. Couple driving a ferrari version of a golf buggy through the apple orchards.

14. Fantastic footpath through woodlands before deadmill bridge, were SP nearly got caught having a tinkle by a woman in a Saab.

15. SP advising SH that it might be easier to negotiate the footpath going sideways, which, in retrospect was not such a good idea and SH looked a plonk, so, stopped doing it.

16. Conversation regarding the use of churches.

17. Fantastic views of the lakes formerly gravel pits.

18. Conversation on how deep the weir was.

19. Finally reached the Evenhill, had a very quick yet good and cheap meal.

20. The speed of lunch caused SH to have a lot of wind in the afternoon. AGAIN.

21. SH's wind got worse the further in to the afternoon walk, nearly every 20 yards.

22. Comment about daffodils.

23. Reached Bekesbourne, with literally 2 minute wait.

Adisham to Littlebourne

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