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Start from Adisham train station and head south westerly toward Adisham village. You'll go under the railway bridge, and then head for Adisham Court. Just before that you'll see the sign for Blodden and Cooting, take this road turning right toward Cooting. You'll notice that the sign for Blodden has now changed to Bloodden. Head past Cooting Fm toward Ileden Wood, keeping Pitt Wood on your right hand side. This is a very clear Bridleway. Go through Ileden Wood and marvel at the splendour of the flora. On leaving Ileden Wood head north west to Ileden and take in the excellent views of the rolling countryside. Head south toward the A2, cross over the A2 and head in to Kingston. Just passed the turning for the church of St Giles, is the turning for the Elham Valley Way, take this and follow the EVW until you reach Bridge. En route, stop and enjoy the church of Bishopsbourne, and then the manor house of Bourne Park. On reaching Bridge, take in it's splendid church.

1. Graffiti on Adisham train station is getting even more obscure, before, we had words such as Fresh and Fruit, which made it sound more like a fruit & veg stall, now, we have noticed new words including Cream and Nutshell. Very imaginative these graffiti artists.

2. Walking under the railway bridge, we noticed how architectural the bridge actually is.

3. SP wearing completely the wrong attire, a T-shirt in Feb, in Britain, NOT WISE...very chilly !

4. Footpath was superb coming out of Cooting Fm - first footpath of the walk and it was excellently kept. It was actually a bridleway, and it had 3 equestrians riding their 'orses, despite SH only seeing the white one to begin with.

5. SH & SP suffering from wind AGAIN.

6. SH & SP nearly run down by young farmer on his mobile phone, driving a tractor with a fertiliser spreader attached to the back.

7. SP twatted in the face by fertiliser being scattered by said farmer above.

8. Stonemason working outside.

9. A conversation about the horse riders, and hoping that they were attractive and free and single.

10. Ileden wood, spectacular views.

11. Kingston conversation in bus stop, talking about a Cellist being in an opera.

12. The derivation of the word Rude, and Kangeroos.

13. Snowdrops, Hellebore and Tulips along the route through Kingston.

14. Badgers making toilets along the EVW.

15. SH desperate for a pee.

16. Amazingly well kept gates along the EVW.

17. Charlton Park, and Tudor Cottage.

18. Trees along the way with strange clumps of what looked like a parasite, similar to that of Mistletoe.

19. Tumuli looking curves in the landscape near Bishopsbourne.

20. Amazing church at Bishopsbourne.

21. Spectacular views going beneath the Manor house of Bourne Park.

22. Strong smell of manure.

23. SH slipping on a huge pile of sheep shit.

24. SH washing sheep poo off in the Nailbourne.

25. Conversation about Bridge Country Club, being a dodgy place where old men get escorts etc.

26. Pub 1 - Red Lion - Nice for a special meal. Not for walkers.

27. Pub 2 - Can't remember name, but, there's a valid reason for that, It was awful !!!

28. Pub 3 - White Horse - Alright, not brilliant, but OK. Took half hour to serve a naff beef goulash and a cheese and coldslaw baguette.

29. SH leaving half a tonne of sheep poo and mud in the restaurant was quite amusing.

30. Trees felled and huge bonfire at end of walk. Most weird.

31. Bloody 4x4 drivers going through Patrixbourne.

32. Train back SP & SH nodded off.

33. Good starting walk of 2008, although pubs let it down massively.

Adisham to Bekesbourne

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