Adisham to Barfrestone

PUB = The Yew Tree at Barfrestone

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The Ancilliaries

1. Graffiti on Adisham train station was interesting, words such as Fresh and Fruit, made it sound more like a fruit & veg stall.
2. Walking past the small industrial area of Ratling, strong smell of gas in the air, not from humans.
3. Frost pockets in Ratling, very chilly !
4. Footpath was superb coming out of Ratling toward Goodnestone - first footpath of the walk and it was excellently kept.
5. SH having a trauma getting over the first stile.
6. Field full of young friendly Bulls
7. SH suffering from wind (AGAIN)
8. Old buildings around Bonnington Farm
9. Old quaint shop in Goodnestone
10. Echoes around the footpath near the farms of Claypits
11. Strange series of concrete structures in farmer's field, coupled with spectacular views.
12. Corn on the cob still growing, which made us feel as though we were members of the 'Fookarewee' tribe
13. Gossimer covered farmer's fields
14. A lewd comment from SH regarding Billie Piper being in the hedgerow
15. Comedic moments throughout the walk regarding Architectural Voyeurism SH making comments such as "Look at the chimneys on that", coupled with SP's "Look at the tidy thatch on that, well trimmed". At which point, decided a whole skit could be created along these lines. Which may be coming to soon.
16. SH almost being caught having a Jimmy by an old lady with 2 dogs.
17. A non-existant footpath through a sheep field with a stile which was v slippy to get over, just on the outskirts of Nonington Court.
18. V old Morris Minor for sale
19. SH changing boots up a bridleway, whilst an old lady drove past and SH commenting on how nice it was to change boots, as the new ones felt like compfy slippers.
20. Realigning signs to correctly point to Barfrestone.
21. £9 of Orange top up texts recieved by SH
22. Some woman maintaining that she knew SP, when she clearly had never met SP before.
23. Cracking food again in the pub. SH beef goulash and winter veg - SP smoked haddock and spring onion fishcakes with chips and peas.
24. 4 pints of Goachers Mild for SH and 4 pints of Archers for SP
25. Saying farewell to the nice folk of Barfestone for 2007.
26. Meandering back to Shepherdswell with SH traffing all the way back. Esp. on getting to the road after the main footpath to Shepherdswell, where SH really let rip, just as a man and his dog was approaching without SH realising.
27. SH again breaking wind on the train back from Shepherdswell to Dover Priory, which was absolutely vile !
28. Good final walk to 2007 ! One of the best.

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